A local Mixec pastor friend is drilling wells in the city of Tlaxiaco, Silacayoapan, Tierra Azul and in the surrounding area in the state of Oaxaca. In Tierra Azul, during my last visit, I helped drill a well at an orphanage just outside the city of Tlaxiaco. We encountered several unique challenges with drilling at this site as the nearby river with the unground veins of water running to it caused our borehole to collapse not just once but twice. After not being able to repair the damaged boreholes we then moved to high ground and finished a successful water well which is producing sufficient water for the orphanage/farm. These are some pictures of the process of drilling with our small rig in the beautiful setting of this farm land.
My friend Dan and I will again return to Oaxaca this March to help support the on-going work and do some maintenance on the equipment. In our short stay in this city where we started this work 10 years ago we hope to visit with friends that my wife and I met when we live in Tlaxiaco for over 4 years. We are excited that the work continues on with the local people and it is our hope that they catch the vision to reach out to the surrounding villages to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Eliseo’s Testimony

Water well for future children’s school and home: 

Pescadores de Hombres is committed in helping Eliseo see his vision come true.  With help from the people that partner with us we can drill a water well to provide one of the key resources they will need for the children at his proposed orphanage and christian school.

Drilling Wells for Water

If we are honest with ourselves, we take our access to water for granted and we expect this water to be safe for our daily use. Not so for too many in the marginalized parts of the world. One area of great need is in the mountainous area of Oaxaca Mexico.

Pescadores de Hombres is a community development civil association that takes a wholistic approach to meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of indiginous communities. As a Christian organization we believe that sharing the love of Christ changes lives. Drilling water wells for those with little resources also changes lives. We do both.