This video has received thousands of views and it shows that people can relate to the struggles we can have in achieving something of importance and working in less than ideal conditions. I learned a lot from the comments but until you’ve walked in another man’s shoes its hard to know what he has experienced. I am gaining more compassion for those that work in other countries that have very few resources available to them. A word that came up in Mission Training School that characterized my prior believes was egocentrism. It is defined by having or regarding the self or the individual as the centre of all things. In a sense one has little or no regard for interest, beliefs, attitudes or culture of others than one’s own. One is then self-centred, an egocentric person; believes his culture is better and more correct than others. My time in Mexico has taught me that there are many ways to do things and people do them for different reasons. It has made me rethink how I do things and why I do the things I do. I love being influenced by other cultures. It has open my eyes to new things and I’m less likely to judge for them doing things differently.

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