Our call to Oaxaca, Mexico

Ten years ago my wife and I were led to the mountainous regions of Oaxaca Mexico.  She is a registered nurse and I have extensive experience in the construction trade.  We left family and home to answer the call of “Go and make disciples in every nation”.  My wife oversaw medical outreaches with teams of doctors, nurses, and volunteers in villages that have few medical services available to them.  These usually drew hundreds of people that walked many miles to get some help with their health problems.  We lived in a traditional home in a “colonia” and made many friends with our neighbors who were always coureous of what the gringos were doing.  We lived across the street from a school so it was hard to keep a low profile.

Besides helping with the medical clinics and helping neighbors pick corn, I wanted to do more for community development.  Frustrated with attempting to dig well with hand augers and bailers, I built a small trailer well drilling rig.  There were a few years of  learning the process of drilling deep wells initially but we have dug wells for a local orphanage, a pastor’s home, a  cluster of neighborhoods with no running water,  and have done other projects.  It has been our intent to help provide water to those who need it, but also to allow people to develop better living skills and be more self sustaining.  Water is a major key in developing countries to grow their own food, to improve their sanitation and improve their way of life.

We also know that water isn’t the only thing that is needed to live a better life and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is all part of the vision to reach people with the love of God.   We are encouraged by the network of partners that are helping to bring transformation in the on going work in this region of Mexico.


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